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Parent Resources for Distance Learning

Setting Up a School Workplace

  • Establish a clean area with a table/chair- Video
  • Minimize distractions during class time
  • Limit multitasking, especially other electronics/gaming during the school day

Supporting Your Students' Mental Health

  • SCHS Wellness Site
  • Ensure your teenager is getting enough sleep (9 hours)
  • Suggest healthy snacks during the day
  • Encourage daily exercise and getting outdoors when possible
  • Maintaining peer relationships (SCHS Clubs, Sports & Class Meetings)
  • Enforce screen breaks
  • Additional Parent/Caregiver Learning Resources


Academic Support

  • Have your student utilize Student Support Time Wed & Fri 12:50-1:25 p.m.
  • Find someone in class that your student can virtually study with
  • Create and post a daily schedule with designated work and break times
  • Set task alarms for time management

Helping Your Student Navigate

  • Google Calendar- Video
  • Gmail Labels for organization- Video
  • Google Drive- Video
  • Google Classroom- Video