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Athletic Eligibility & Clearance

Athletic Clearance 

Student Athletes should use the information below to make sure they are registered on the new Athletic Clearance interface before starting a sport for the school year. 

In order to be cleared to try out for a sport, the following steps must be done.

  • Parents/guardians and the student athlete should visit the Athletic Clearance website and create an account. On here you will be able to view our SCHS Athlete Guidelines and all other requirements. Parents/guardians and student athletes will then digitally sign acknowledging they have received and reviewed the materials. 
  • Student athletes must have health insurance. If you are in need of health insurance you can purchase a low cost plan. Please see the section below called Options for Health Insurance.
  • Student athletes must have a current physical on record. Physicals are good for 365 days. Once your physical is completed, please upload it to the Athletic Clearance website. 
  • Here is a Physical Examination Form to a form to take to the doctor for your physical. 

If you are unable to complete the clearance requirements online, please contact the ADs, Mr. Gifford or Ms. Kiyota to arrange for a paper packet.

Options for Health Insurance

Below are different options for lost cost programs you can purchase. 


This is not a comprehensive list of requirements, but rather a few other reminders of some of the requirements to be eligible to play a sport. 

  • During the season, the student athlete must be enrolled in 20 units.
  • For the previous grading period, the student athletes must have been enrolled in 20 units and received a 2.0 GPA. If they received a 1.6-1.99 GPA they may apply for  academic probation. If you are in this situation, please discuss the matter with your coach. 
  • Student athlete must not have turned 19 prior to June 15th of the preceding year.
  • If student athlete ever attended a different high school, it must be determined whether or not CCS transfer paperwork should be filled out. Please speak to your coach or an athletic director to determine what steps need to be taken. 

Scholarship Opportunity for Athletes

Each year SCHS issues the following scholarships to our Athletes:

  • Athletic Booster Scholarships
  • Athletic Director selected Scholarships:
    • Chuck Niczewicz Award
    • Panther’s Eric Naslund Scholarship
    • Ripp Miller Scholarship
    • Janet Gustaveson Memorial Scholarship
    • Christina Sessions Memorial Scholarship
    • Greg Cochrane Scholarship


Requesting a New Sport

If you would like to request the addition of a sport team (e.g., archery) OR of a sport team level (e.g., freshman, junior varsity, etc.) at your school site, please complete this form for review by your school site principal and the District Title IX Coordinator. The principal will respond within thirty (30) days of receipt of this request, letting you know the decision, or when a decision can be expected.

If you have any questions about sports programs available at your site, please contact your school site principal.

If you have any questions about Title IX, please contact the Title IX / Uniform Complaint Procedure Coordinator at

Form to Request New Sport

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